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fun fun fun on the autobahn…


I’m not sure which is cooler…this tape or the orange track I had for my Hot Wheels when I was a kid…

On second thought, the orange Hot Wheels track was limited to the floor. Tape wins. Get yours here. Its $19 CAD or $15 US.

anti-theft lunch bags


OK…these are not new…but they are too great to not share with my friends…get yours here.

the gatherer jacket by merrell


OK. So this was a concept piece by Merrell last year but it’s just one of the best ideas ever so I figured I’d share in case you missed it (I just dug mine out of my closet to empty it for spring). The Gatherer jacket is a completely translucent, 100% nylon jacket that allows the wearer to adjust his/her own temperature to surrounding conditions using adaptive insulation pockets throughout the body and sleeves. It’s a do-it-yourself piece that encourages the use of sustainable materials and re-use. It’s a puffy jacket without the puff. You decide what to fill it with. It’s perfect to take on vacation or hiking when space is at a premium.

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how x-height-ing


This is my first post. A test actually…to see if I am capable of doing this.

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